Ahad, 14 Februari 2010

Tay's New Year Feast

Friday, someone had complained about my boat after sholat Jumaat. It was a bad news and I rushed to my boat’s jetty. Wallaaaa!!. She lied on its side. I was so curious for what happened. There was no rain or even thunder storm, but it capsized just like that!..only God knows.

I had tried to take her on the punt alone, but I couldn’t make it. So, I called team lempayun to give hand. Juan and Tay were eager to help me…but they asked me to take them for a Chinese New Year trip. No problem as long as the boat back on her belly. So, I went home to take my gears and also my 8 hp outboard engine.

It was 2:15 pm when Juan and Tay came. We quickly worked on the boat. It wasn’t too long when the boat ready to take us. Team lempayun was back on track. We trolled on the way to the hot spot. It was 100 meter to the spot when Tay’s lure grabbed suddenly. His minimum drag allowed the predator ran to the snag. The boat maneuvered immediately as the fish still struggled for its life. Tay was so lucky as it was not a dense clump of snags. The predator netted as Bakau lure still hooked perfectly within her jaws. He was so excited and looked trembling as usual.hehehehe
Tay was so lucky for his two in one caught. A nice Mangrove Jack and a seducing woman's Pad..once again..a woman's pad..hehehehehe...the lure should be retired or given as a gift to these pundit..hehehehe

We started casting on the favourite spot while the flow was getting weak. I put my hope on the secretive lure meanwhile Juan using unknown cheap lure and Tay still obsessed with his Bakau lure. After 30 minutes casting, my lure suddenly grabbed but it wasn’t good enough to strike. The predator left its scratched on my lure..hehehe.

We trolled along the river after the bad result on casting. I put Seahawk shad rap as a trolling lure and its mesmerize swam finally seduced a baby MJ. There was no strike after that and we went back to the small stream known as sungai Padas. We were casting under the canopy. There were snags scattered and absolutely it is an ideal bungalow for MJ.
Tay’s Eupro lure firstly grabbed by MJ as he couldn’t controlled the first run. It was tangling to the snags. Luckily, the MJ, finally ran out of the snags and netted into the boat. The session continued and several striking without hooked happened. My Seahawk shad rap grabbed again, but poor hooked up made me a bit disappointed. We returned to the sungai Padas mouth as Juan’s lure grabbed for the first time. A perfect hooked and excellent control disallowed MJ to run for its life.

The session ended at 5.30 pm as the tide came to its end. Four Jacks is a good result for a short trip. These fish ended their life on Tay’s new year feast for family dinner. Happy Chinese New Year to Tay. We are going to celebrate it on my new boat next week. Take everything drinkable and edible for us…hehehehe.

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