Jumaat, 26 Februari 2010

GKPA friendly visited

Friday 26,02,2010. Tamparan, Sudin and Sahur from GKPA visited Muara Bongawan for a half day trip.They came at 6.00 am and roamed around jetty, instead of their uninformed coming, I wasn’t be so quick…hehehe..they asked for it!
It was below 0.5 m when we took our gears onto the boat and we had a job to move the boat from the dried shore to the water.

As usual, we trolled along the river to seek the MJ areas during the low tide. Minnow lures were dominating the lures usage but there was no strike noticed.
At the first spot, the boat parked a bit far from the snaggy port to avoid us being detected by the residents. Sudin was the first casting his lure to the snag then followed by Tamparan. It wasn’t too long when Sudin’s lure, the white Bakau minnow grabbed fiercely and the culprit seemed to play deceitful. Luckily, he didn’t lost the skill since his fingers worked more on Nikon. A nice Mangrove jack had landed as an opening.

We still casting in the same port as Tamparan’s lure suddenly grabbed by an energetic predator below the surface. After a few minute, a beautiful MJ landed as his first license in Bongawan MJ’s territory. His hands trembled working on netted MJ. Casting continued to the midday without any strike. The trip ended at 11.30 am, as the day was getting so hot.

To GKPA, thanks for coming. As I said before, the moment we were laughing, mumbling and teasing during casting was the unforgotten memory and invaluable. To Sudin and Tamparan, congratulation for the first Bongawan’s Ungah on cast. I hope Sahur won’t fed up to get his license ( jangan jara bro! ). There will be the right time to hook on bro! Wait for another day.

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