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My New Species

To get to know this 4.56 kg creature, You should read more...
Jan 3,2010: This river is so small and snaggy but it has something that always waving us to come back. It was a sudden fishing trip as my buddies Juan and Jackson asked me for a Tanggulian revisited. I didn’t prepared well as I brought things front of my eyes.
We arrived at jetty at 7:30 am and promptly loaded Uncle josh’ s boat with our stuff. Here, my tohatsu 8 hp served us to the secretly port. I also brought a new brand reel Revo Stx and Shimano Sonora 2500 as a back up. Due to the unpleasant weather at the moment, I didn’t put a high hope for cast fiesta. Whatever, this is a good way to begin the new year.The unpleasant low tide forced us to take the boat to the shore and we were struggling to move in the muddy riverbank. It took 25 minutes to the secretly river mouth. It couldn’t be seen from outside actually, this is why it called secretly river. This predator swalllowed half of Rapala Tail Dancer hot tiger.It caused the weak fought and easily drown.what the poor fish.
The first lure found it’s pool at 8:25 a.m. Here, accurate casting is a must. Casting in a dense narrow jungle river is totally different ball game compared to casting in open water such as UNP and mandahan. The low lying branches and snaggy would test your casting skill to the limit Broooo! Even my buddies and I also made a monkey cast incidentally. Here, Jackson was always blaming the wind as we could seen the tree didn’t make any movement…hehehehe…the old trick is always dumb.

Untill 9: 30 a.m, there was no signed for any predator. By the way, Patience is a keyword as Mangrove jack was so lazy to grab the lure. Cast over cast without rest finally earned the reward as a schoollie Mangrove Jack grabbed my Hot tiger Rapala Tail dancer. It has been revived and released immediately for the future.
This predator was unlikely due to it's size. Small naughty kid didn't make my hand trembling.

The Trophy came in the right time when my bleeding Rapala Tail Dancer suddenly grabbed roughly. The culprit made it’s first run unstoppable to the snags. My Revo STX worked very hard to withstand the robust lure snatcher. The run wasn’t as fast as a hugh Jack while my mind believed that it was a big grouper. After few minutes, the predator was still fighting madly and got into the sunken snags. I thought it was the end of the fight but mind you, teamwork is a key to success when Jackson used the lure retriever to
untangle the fish. A yoyo sinking to the snags more than 30 minutes finally worked, when the fish suddenly rushed out of the snags. I kept my drag tightly and drove the fish into the net. Wallaaaaa!!!....a big grouper aka Keratang hauled into the boat. I couldn’t believe it! Another record created again…heheheheh…first Keratang in my live by lure.

What the fight! I was wondering how that my Sufix 30 lb fluorocarbon shock leader and Spiderwire 20 lb braided could managed the big fish! Even the braided and the shock leader were in the bad condition after being bullied by the sharp jagged snaggy, they have done their job very well.

Entirely, the trip was met with victory where i had never dream to hook the new species. Otherwise, the permanent occupants of snaggy river also landed successfully..the MJ. They are an outstanding fighter but only after the water level reached up to half metre.

MJ are very active during the high tide. Look at the lure. It has modified on paint to make it mo resemble to Rapala Hot Tiger.

Bulan aka tarpon also landed using the pencil bait and tiny popper. Here, to get more encounter with Bulan, surface bait is more effective than diver.

The smile on his face indicated a misery casting trip. He got the salvation after a short trolling close to the river bank.As a hardcore caster, this is normal as fish didn't choose his lures.heheheh

There were many mangrove saplings. Many of the tree trunks had also fallen into the water, creating tons of snags for predator to hide and, you are not only need to be proficient with your baitcast set, but you have to be very accurate with it. Why? Because if you cast a meter away from the snags, the predator won’t see it. If your lure catches onto the snags and can’t be dislodge, you have to try harder to untangle it. Unfortunately, snaggy is the bungalow of what is your choice?

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  1. cun!!! tahniah bang lempayundan rakan2... cun!!!

  2. Team Lempayun, mind you...i was there during this time but doing bottom fishing with my siblings and father. I did bring along casting set but can't utilise fully due to OB engine break down...finally, i am waiting for your story publish in Kembara Kail ...