Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Team Gerabak Fishing Joy by Ikram

Friday, Jan 22,10, My friend and I were going fishing to Sungai Tari Mandahan. Our team is known as Team Gerabak and the members are Ikram, Amlie, Azailan, Khatizul, Rusda, Ricky, Fazree, Herwan, Hanafi and Max as our guide.

We started our journey about 2.30 pm and it was ended at 6.00 pm. We walked to the port and soon set up traps for mud crab. We caught some live bait such as mullet and prawns. Even we were tired but we still fishing happily. It was at 3.00 pm when we caught few Tarpon or ikan bulan and 5 Mangrove jack or Ungah. Unfortunately, Ungah did not take in camera because it was running out of battery.

We caught three mud crabs also. We cooked them all to cool down our starving stomach. We end up our trip and hope to return to this potential port in the future. Report by Ikram.
Below are the photos of our joy.
Hanafi with the beauty tarpon.have a nice kiss.

Khatizul, Herwan and azailan having a mud crabs barbeque

azailan and Ikram with the nice tarpon on live bait

Max with another tarpon.controll your stomach buddy or no girls will like you.

Ricky also with a nice Tarpon.they look similar.heheheh

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  1. Nice buddies!they are my form five students. This team loves fishing so much and they are going fishing weekly.So, i teach them English, so they have to post their thread in English.What say you? I hope, fishing will help them to avoid bad influences that could harm them as teenager. Keep it up buddies!