Ahad, 17 Januari 2010

Macrobrachium rosenbergii

River prawn or Macrobrachium rosenbergii is now almost in season. This species could be found largely in number at Klias wetland, one of the Tropical forest which estimated 150 million years old. Klias wetland is also popular among the tourist for Proboscis monkey. The size could reach about 400 gram to 1000 gram each. They live in the river which the salinity is about 30 percent. River prawn also act as an indicator to show the environment quality. It is very sensitive to poison, oil and pesticide. They couldn’t live in a bad water quality.
To fish river prawn, earthworm is the best bait as bottom fishing technique is only the way to get them into the net. The size of fishing gears must be tiniest as it could give more joy during fighting with River prawn. The line should be 6 lb to 8 lb strength to minimize the vibration in the current flow. This creepy creatures will only approach the bait if there is nothing unusual on its sight.
During the top season, a river prawn fishing trip will catching more than 60 edible size. The small river prawn will be released to it’s habitat to maintain the stock. So, catch and release is a must for small prawn.

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  1. 30 ppm salinity...quite masin tu...betul ke?