Jumaat, 9 April 2010

Boy angler's success trip

These pictures have been sent by Boy to share the magnificent caught during his recent trip.
Nice jack

the whereabout location looks familiar.It calls me to the past trip. There might be hidden predators close to the bank.So, be alert!hehehe

This lure seems like Wilson. This is a good lure but since it's bib is so easy to get crack, I didn't continue to keep purchasing.

What lure is it Boy?It seems so effective on hauling this predator!

Mud grouper also lured by this artificial.It should be cleaned before the picture taken.hehehe

The beauty of mangrove jack is always shining.Wilson put on action.

Congratulation Boy. I hope these victory will keep your hand always burning on.Get me into your trip ya.hehehe

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