Sabtu, 26 Disember 2009

Bintuka day-trip fishing

Thursday 24th,Keruak gang had arrived just about 5 am. The outboard Tohatsu 18 hp placed onto my pick up immediately. Bintuka isn’t a million miles from my home so my journey was pretty simple. We moved right after Che Hasruddin got in to my car and we had a stopped at Bandau gas station for fueling. We arrived at Bintuka couple minutes after seven and started packing up our gears onto the boat. Che Hasruddin, Sudin and I were sharing the boat and skippered by me. Dali, Manan and Wan Gendut in a boat which skippered by Sahur meanwhile Dalan acted as a skipper for Pak lah, Sulaiman and Snek in another boat.The journey had taken an hour to the river mouth. Here, we were split in order to practice the different techniques. We preferred casting and trolling as a major method.We started trolling close to the jagged shore with mangrove roots to the river mouth. I was stunning when my Rapala Clown extreme slashbait suddenly grabbed fiercely. I heard a creepy screaming of my gear and my heart pounding hardly as my Blackrose rod bending to it’s maximum. It was critical moment but luckily the victim couldn’t stay too long. My dream has never came true when Mr. Ray got my lure right on it’s wing…hehehe..what the foul hook!Trolling continued on the same track and Sudin action was on when a baby barracuda grabbed his lure. Just five minutes trolling, again Sudin’s lure grabbed hardly and stolen by unknown species but unfortunately he was met with disappointment and the main line failed to withstand.He blamed his thumb for being traitor..hehehe. Due to Che Hasruddin and my experience, it might be a huge Mangrove Jack.We begun trolling when my blue Rapala extreme slashbait suddenly grabbed and it was running fast to the snags. The fight was very strong as I couldn’t guessed what the hell was it. After a few moment, it was confirmly a breathtaking MJ hooked nicely.Sudin yelled and said, "now i knew here are Jack existed".Although the casting and trolling techniques are very tough going, the species caught was the opposite. All day long we’d been catching spotted snappers, groupers, barracudas, Ray and Mangrove jack. The fishing trip was ended at 4.30 pm. Even the result is just about it as we were hoping so high, but we got precious experiences as a stand for the next trip in the future. Here, I would like to say thanks to dalan and his group of anglers-Dali, Sudin,Sahur,Manan and the rest, for inviting me along. To, Che Hasrudin, our trip is always open for your Calais..hehehehe

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