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Heaven Prawning in Klias wetland

09/01/16(Saturday): It seems after several years I have not prawning in Klias wetland. Even though, everything is still on the same track. The fishing gears, baiting, exactly the same boat, the method and the prey!. I am dreaming to return to this spot but the clock is always tie me up. Luckily, I have got a few room for this at last..Naaah..I am coming back!
The home for a day trip. This boat is more than 12 years old but still it services nicely
Padas 'Ramen' is always anglers choice. The river earthworms inhabited along the river bank. They only taken in early morning before dawn. The direct sunlight heated the soils surface causing them move deeply. So, digging them after 7:00 am will find nothing but sweats!. I wish there is somebody is willing to get them for ringgit. That becomes easier for anglers.
30 meters agony to the mouth. There is no way out instead of getting yourself into the soft muds!
Getting the actual reading of tide water is very important. Angler Apps is the best so far but once you forgot to have a sight on that apps, you could be dragged into a serious problem. Consequently, we pushed the boat manually to the river mouth. Wet, cold and smelly muds made you lost 20 percent energy for the day. So it is a waste!
This is what I mean. The mud swallows us to the hip. God! I don't want to drag my ass here during the lowest tide no more!
We got off the stream exactly 9:10 am. The low tide made the way hard to get through. There are lots of snags hidden under the surface. The bot was carefully maneuvered. Adam, an experience angler took the boat easily out of those snags. Then, without hesitate, he pulled the throttle maximumly to get the rocket speed of Tohatsu 8hp. 20 minutes later, we reached at the first spot. The Graveyard spot!
Graveyard first prawn during the tide is getting up. The prawn response won't stay too long. This drove us to go more down stream for a luck
The next spot was 'The six Jumbo Prawns'. This name is given by Adam few weeks ago. That was the only six prawns caught in that day. Luckily, there were jumbo prawns to make his feeling feel better. As the name given, we hooked few Jumbos here. The almost 20 feet deep spot paid us more pleasure fighting the powerful jumbos. Even though, the frenzy was only half an hour. Then we moved back to up stream due to high salinity.
one of the Jumbo
The 'Laba' is well known spot among the anglers. This spot actually is a deep corner which another stream meet the river. Years before, it has a great reputation as the Mecca of prawns. Once we had  prawning here{long time ago), we caught abundance of prawns. It was the sole spot until midday!
Another Jumbo in the same spot
The high tide getting fast while we caught more prawns. The prawns crawled more in the middle of the river. So, more hooks would be sent in that zone. The result came with joy when prawn after prawn landed on the boat. Each rod now is paying back. The sizes also satisfying. I swear, you won't feel burn under the harsh direct sunlight. This was exactly the moment that you won't miss even a second!
A dream jumbo for every anglers
It was 5:10 pm when we decided to end the trip. I could say the trip is success even the haul is just about it. The prawn population in Klias wetland seems getting lower due to  over harvested. There are too many anglers housing the river every weekend. I do agree that the time is come for anglers to practise bag limit. Just bring home legal size of prawns and release the small and egg-carrying prawns. By doing this way, we can do prawning until we die! thanks...lempayun
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